Get Involved

As mentioned, the SETSA program was ostensibly designed for a workshop setting, which has proven to be limiting in reaching a far wider geographical spread of people. Not all people have the ability to get away for 5 days, owing to family and work responsibilities.

Whilst the SETSA program is designed to address the needs of a participant, we would like to encourage you to work through this program with family members or friends in order to make the material more useful and your journey more enjoyable and invigorating, 

It is important to maintain focus and not get too many opinions which will lead to digressions. It will be best if you keep it to a maximum of 5 people in the group. We encourage you to 

  • Run one to three topics per session.  

  • Play the video. 

  • Discuss. Help each other with understanding but more importantly, BEING THERE, being fully present for the next person. Focus on the action rather than the concept/s or theory. Write in the personal work book for the relevant topic/s (it’s NOT onerous). 

Please do not let these become pseudo counselling or therapy sessions. 

Please do not impose ‘solutions’ or ‘fixes’ on others. Allow the next person to go through his/her journey, at his/her pace, by his/her choices. They’ll find the answers within themselves.

Feel privileged to be there for him/her, remain humble.
Do NOT charge or seek recompense for your involvement
May God be pleased with you.

Also, please help us get the SETSA program ‘out there’. Please share the links with family and friends, “LIKE” SETSA on YouTube, Facebook etc. Through the Social Media forum/s, please comfort or encourage others through your own positive experiences or ‘growth’. You may just be the one to touch someone or make a difference in someone’s day or life. God Knows Best.