“Just love all the topics and most of it really open my eyes and mind for example, Trust. I have a big problem trusting people but love to work with children”

“This course was inspiring and benefitted me in all spheres of my life. Five days took me out of a hole I dug for over 37 years. Now I can breathe.Thanks"

"Mind blowing. Life changing. Changed my outlook on everything"

"Gave me hope to move on in life"

"Opened my mind to my potential. Helped me decide on how to deal with situations I am faced with"

“ I learnt to focus on my area of influence and this opportunity allowed   me to tap into my personal potential and discover where exactly do I stand. I am now ready to take on more"

"...That Life has a greater meaning. I am in control of my Destiny"

"Helped be become and better human and have a more positive mindset"

"Am now more aware of my Emotions and Feelings"

"Made me realise that there's more to life than money, power and freedom to do as you please"