"People who empower themselves don’t see the world as the source of their problems" (Jayrenan)

At the core of every being is the deep need to belong, to be accepted and connected with the ability to contribute. When one feels ‘less’ or over-extended, the zest for living fully, slowly diminishes.

Through the SETSA program we encourage individuals to "pause" and take stock of where they are and what they believe they need to do to fulfil their potential, however they define it; to acknowledge where they want to be. In so doing, we encourage individuals to deal with unresolved past issues, emotions (current and past) and current and past relationships, no matter how difficult or painful it may be. Recognise what you truly want for yourself, empower yourself to achieve accordingly.

We aim to create an understanding of the false notions of freedom and happiness through materiality. We seek to help participants define the foundational pillars for their lives and define ultimately their life’s purpose.

All with the intention in assisting to free people from the burdens of the past, to recognise and value their worth and gifts and feel truly empowered to live life their best life, God Willing.