We are a retired couple. Our amazing life experiences that may be considered as either positive or negative ones, have all allowed us to grow into and be the people that we are today. We are indeed blessed.

Also, from our wide travels and volunteer work, we observe that many are ‘overwhelmed’, in particular, women and care-givers, unable to cope and often, alone. People are finding themselves being 'stretched' way passed their capacities and are looking and finding different ways of escaping this reality, including but not limited to substance abuse.

Having worked in Corporate environments for a number of decades, occupying various positions at varying management levels, with responsibilities for strategy, business alignment and technology services, our real passion lies in serving our communities.


Since retirement, as a husband and wife team, we counselled well over 500 individuals, developed the SETSA program and facilitated over 30 SETSA self-empowerment workshops, all on a voluntary basis.
The SETSA program was compiled over a 5-year period, consuming well over 2500 hours of effort (over and above the many thousands of hours in counselling and SETSA workshop facilitations). As such, SETSA was not conceived as a 'product' but as a service"; SETSA Online was an after-thought.

Hundreds of people, from all walks of life, the illiterate to post graduates, poor to wealthy, ages 17 to 70, drug addicts, solicitors, community leaders, mums and dads as well as persons of various Faiths, attended the SETSA program. The feedback has been very heartening.

Through God's grace and everlasting Mercy, we have witnessed many hundreds of individuals make significant positive shifts in their lives. We have been truly blessed to have been allowed to observe this.

We are limited by the number of face-to-face courses we can run. We hope that the SETSA program touches many though the reach of the UDEMY platform.

Do join us in this amazing journey.


Mahomed and Hawa


Please note that we do not claim ownership of the material used in SETSA, nor are we psychologists or healers. We urge you to use our experiences and service as a guide and take away from that which you believe will be beneficial to you in improving your life.
This program is not a substitute for professional services required from suitably qualified people.