The SETSA program encourages Participants to introspect i.e. to take stock of 'where they are’ in their lives, identifying as far as possible how they got there, be it due to past underlying issues, wavering relationships and/or experiences of grief but to also
-accept and acknowledge how they got there
-look ahead instead of using the review mirror to the past
-consider their purpose in life,
-look at their desired values and beliefs that they now wish to live by define measurable and sustainable goals that they will adhere to take responsibility
-INVEST IN THEMSELVES by realising that it’s their lives, their time and about their (conscious) choices in order moving forward positively.
The program is NOT about providing more information, more knowledge or intellectual stimulation but rather one of searching within to find either one, two or three aspects that could really help one to take that step towards making that change in ones’ life. It’s an experiential process.


There's no compulsion and no need to accept or remember all the topics in the material provided. There’s no formal ‘testing'.
As facilitators of change we have no interest in testing one’s intelligence, one’s memory, recall or even net worth. The focus is simply on defining and applying per the principle:

“Learning = Behaviour change”